Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey

Museum Activities

1. Participant in the Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, NJ Annual Car Show and Craft/Flea Market. Purpose: to display antique automobiles for education and enjoyment. And to encourage conservation and restoration of antique automobiles. This is done by Museum and Club members in Seaside Heights, NJ

2. Parades and celebrations. St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Founders Day, March of Dimes Display and Christmas Parade Purpose: To celebrate special occasions by presenting 20 to 40 antique automobiles to the public for their enjoyment. Presented by members and guests in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, NJ.

3. Educational Programs: Informative, free of charge, speakers program designed to educate the public about antique automobiles and the history associated with them. Volunteer members of the Museum conduct the program.

4. Educational Exhibits – Cars are placed on display in the Ocean County Mall and other locations for education and enjoyment.

5 Newsletters: Publications of the Museums newsletter is an on going activity. Newsletters report on the activities and events and other pertinent information concerning the Museum. Newsletters are prepared by members of the Board of Trustees and are distributed free to the public, media, government and elected officials, corporations, Foundations and Museum members.

6. Research Activities: Members of the Museum do in depth research on the marquee of their choice and prepare presentations and displays to communicate their findings to interested people.

7. Acquisition Activities: The Museum will apply for educational grants from the federal and state government for the development of the Museum and its purposes.

8. Administration and Management: The Museum was incorporated on July 20, 2000. Since then, the Board of Trustees have guided activities, have implemented a fundraising program, have developed bylaws as noted in Appendix A, have obtained the State of New Jersey nonprofit corporate status and have completed the application to the Internal Revenue Service to obtain 501 C (3) status. (Granted 2002)

9. Historical Accounts-Records Preserved: Members of the Museum have assembled and organized years worth of historical records, news paper clippings, and memorabilia about antique automobiles. Having access to such information is essential if we are to accomplish our objectives.