Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey






The Golden Gate Bridge.  The Hoover Dam.  The Panama Canal.  Few people, if any, are around today who can say they had a hand in building those three construction masterpieces.   And, all three exist today.  Have you ever been able to tell your friends, your children, or your grandchildren that you were there when something historic occurred?  Did you ever wish you could have been there when something big started?  Well, now you have that opportunity to be part of something significant. 


The Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey needs your help in building one of your State’s premier tourist attractions.  An automobile museum may not be on the same grand scale as a bridge, a dam, or a canal, but all museums are just as useful and important.  They are important today, and for generations to come.  In the case of the automobile, there is no doubt that the growth of our country, and our society, is largely due to the development of the automobile.


We are the only public museum in New Jersey whose sole mission is to preserve, protect and promote the automobile.  We have the property on which to build.  We have the building plans.  We have the approvals to build.  We have the cars, the books, the pictures, the artifacts, and all the other ingredients which make up an automotive museum.  But we need you to help build a home for New Jersey’s automobile collection.  And it’s the only home like it in all of New Jersey. 


Your donation will go directly toward our Building Fund.  You can donate to other organizations and never see where the money goes.  But in the Vintage Automobile Museum, you will be surrounded by your donation.  Your first car that you once cherished is a part of your own personal legacy.  Allow your family to share that legacy.  Chances are we will have an old car you can relate to.  Your car maybe, or your father’s, or your favorite Aunt’s 1955 Ford that always smelled new.


When you bring your family and friends to the Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey you can say, “I helped build it.”


How will they know for sure?  Because your name will be on the wall.



The Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey is a 501 © 3 non-profit corporation.  All donations are tax deductible.  Appraisals of automobiles, artifacts, library materials, and all other non-monetary items, are the responsibility of the donor.  The size of the donor’s wall placard will be designed in congruence with the donation.


$500,000 to $1,000,000          $50,000  to  $74,999          $1,000  to $4,000

$250,000 to $499,000             $25,000  to  $49,999          $500     to $3,999

$100,000 to $249,000             $10,000  to  $24,999          $100     to $499

$75,000 to   $99,000               $5,000    to  $9,999            $  OTHER



Tax-Deductible donations by check may be made payable to:



PO Box 234

Beachwood, NJ 08722


By Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, Or Discover call

609-971-8020 to complete your donation.




All contributions are tax-deductible under Section 170 of the Code. The Museum is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under the Code.


Thank you for your support.